Novena Maternity

We canít begin to tell you how excited we were to learn that Novena skin care was coming out with a maternity skin care line. With their 100% organic ingredients combined with their tremendous reputation for skin care products, we knew their maternity skin care line would be a huge success. And we were right! Their skin blemish creams, moisturizers, and facial washes, you can simply not go wrong with any of their products. Each product contains 100% certified organic ingredients and will in no way be harmful to your skin. Novena has been in the skin care industry for well over 20 years and certainly understands how important Momís skin is and how the prenatal months can certainly wreak havoc on the sensitive skin. They have a fantastic selection of skin creams, moisturizers, and facial washes to choose from as well as sun black and breast and belly creams were are always a must for any mom. So please take a look and see which items you will be wanting. They make great gifts too!