Moby Wrap

When you hear the words baby sling, Moby wrap will often be one of the first words associated with it. Probably the most recognized name in baby slings in the last decade, as they are so widely popular, so easy to use, and when used properly, are very safe for your little one. Most moms and dads love them because they are truly a one size fits all baby sling. It's a simple well constructed long piece of fabric with easy instructions on the different wrap styles to choose from. As your baby grows, so does the way you carry your baby in the Moby. Most parents start off with the cradle wrap for their newborn, and then begin changing the wrap style as the baby grows so you can carry the baby on your hip, on your chest with baby facing either towards you or away from you, or even on your back. they come in a wide variety of beautiful colors so you are certain to find one that you like best.