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Diaper Bags

Our collection of designer baby diaper bags for busy moms and dads at BellaBlu Maternity represent today's top diaper bag styles and brands. Petunia Pickle Bottom, timi & leslie, OiOi, and Diaper Dude represent our favorite collections of stylish bags. That's not all as you look inside, and you'll find all the pockets and water resistant features of today's finest bags.

Moms love the trendy designs and fashionable prints on Petunia Pickle Bottom which come our with new styles and prints twice a year for their spring and fall prints. They come in a variety of sizes to pack light for an hour's outing or to pack heavy for those longer getaways when you have to pack for more than one child. Choose the popular boxy backpack bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom or the roomier, but lightweight Weekender. We also carry Petunia Pickle Bottoms' line of fashion-forward satchel bags.

Hollywood moms love the expensive look and exquisite styles of timi & leslie diaper bags. These fabulous bags have numerous conveniently sized inside pockets for mom's delicates or her workout clothes. The most popular styles are the Charlie and the Kate designed faux leather bags. The Charlie diaper bag has a flat-sided bottom to stand upright, preventing the contents from spilling. The Kate is a smaller yet more functional bag that once you look inside you'll find an insulated bottle tote, changing pad with mesh pockets, matching stroller straps and a matching wristlet with interior credit card pockets, along with a zippered pouch. This allows you to separate moms delicate items(cell phone etc_from babies wandering fingers as they get older and more curious.

Don't forget about Dad as Diaper Dude has created a good-looking collection of messenger bags for the baby daddy's. Choose Diaper Dude's popular messenger bag in black, gray pinstripes or camouflage. Inside mesh pockets store diapers and baby wipes. The adjustable removable strap on the Messengers is padded and allows Dad to easily and comfortably carry this baby briefcase bag. Wear it like a messenger bag, sling it over your shoulder or detach the straps and carry as a tote. Dads love them and they make great gifts on Fathers Day for the new Dads!
Petunia Pickle Bottom
timi and leslie
Diaper Dude
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