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Cloth Diapers

Our line of designer cloth diapers by bumGenius is the new way to diaper your baby and toddler without having to resort to ill-fitting old-fashioned diapers and those awful safety pins. These environmentally friendly cloth baby diapers now available at BellaBlu Maternity come with oh-so-easy Velcro hook and loop closures or snap closures. You'll save so much money, too, reusing them instead of buying crates and crates of disposable diapers. You'll save tons of money and win a green star for not filling up our landfills.

These bumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers come in terrific colors, too. Choose hot pink, teal green or nine other pretty colors. These trendy looking baby diapers are in a one-size adjustable design that will fit babies weighing 7 to 35 pounds. The six-pack of bumGenius diapers is a welcome baby shower gift. New moms love them so much; they put them on their holiday and birthday wish lists. We also carry the three-pack bumGenius cloth diapering set with adjustable snap closures in front instead of at the sides.

It's the special features of these amazing cloth baby diapers that impress even moms who thought they'd never use cloth diapers. The hook-and-loop or snap closures are designed to easily adjust as your baby grows. Each of the 4.0 bumGenius diapers comes with two inserts designed to whisk wetness away from a baby's delicate skin. The first, thinner insert is for younger infants. For newborn babies, you can fold down the insert topper. It's absorbent, but it's not bulky. The second insert is more absorbent for bigger babies and toddlers in training. Here's a secret one mom shared with us. For overnight use, she slips in both inserts for double the protection against diaper rash.

Pair our colorful cloth diapers by bumGenius with bumGenius Baby Legs leg warmers for a fun, fashionable look for your trendy little baby girl or boy. We carry diaper bags specially designed for cloth diapers. Another favorite of new moms is the bumGenius diaper sprayer that lets you clean up the mess at your toilet. This high-pressure sprayer is easy to install, with no tools or visits by the plumber required. Modern moms love this great new accessory for baby diaper cleanups. Each diaper rinser comes with a sprayer hose, chrome sprayer and mounting clips.