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Belli Skin Care

There's perhaps no better time to pamper yourself than when you're pregnant. After all, someone else will be the focal point of all of your attention soon enough. Belli Skincare knows this and has created a line of all natural and hypoallergenic skincare products just for you and your precious cargo. And while Belli products can be – and are – enjoyed by legions of pregnant women, this chemical-free line can really be used at any stage of life, including pre-pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, as Humphrey Bogart might say if he was speaking to a pregnant modern-day woman instead. Belli's acne wash is one of its most popular products to help women deal with beautiful clear skin interrupted by hormonal changes, but we also carry sunscreen, belly oil, body lotion and stretchmark minimizing cream from Belli. In short, BellaBlu Maternity has you covered.

All of these great Belli products have been teratology screened, which means they have no synthetic or natural ingredients that have been linked to birth defects or miscarriage. They have also been LACTMED screened, which means they won't pass harmful ingredients through to your baby via breast milk either. Belli products are also allergy tested and have no artificial dyes or preservatives, no phthalates and no paraben preservatives. That means you truly have nothing to worry about when it comes to Belli products.

These cruelty-free products are also OB/GYN recommended. That means you can use Belli products and have real peace of mind that your own comfort won't come at any cost to your precious baby. That's one of the reasons why so many women rely on Belli for their skin care needs. You can also trust Belli products to treat conditions like dry lips, undereye circles and uneven skin tone. Belli products even provide UVA/UVB protection to ensure you stay safe in the sun. With features like that, there's a Belli skincare product for everyone.