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Bella Band by Ingrid and Isabel available in 5 Colors!
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Bella Band by Ingrid and Isabel available in 5 Colors! - Click to enlarge

Bella Band by Ingrid and Isabel available in 5 Colors! - Click to enlargeBella Band by Ingrid and Isabel available in 5 Colors! - Click to enlargeBella Band by Ingrid and Isabel available in 5 Colors! - Click to enlarge
Bella Band by Ingrid and Isabel available in 5 Colors! - Click to enlargeBella Band by Ingrid and Isabel available in 5 Colors! - Click to enlarge

Bella Band by Ingrid and Isabel available in 5 Colors!

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Bella Band Sizing Chart

Available in White, Black, Midnight(Navy), & Coffee(dark brown)! All colors pictured in smaller insets above(click to enlarge!)

Expecting moms give rave reviews to the Bella Band maternity band by Ingrid & Isabel now available at BellaBlu Maternity. Choose your Bella Band with stay-put silicone strip styling in a traditional or lacy style. Choose from five colors: white, black, midnight navy blue, gray, coffee Our sizing charts can help you pick the best size for this fashion-must accessory that will take you from pregnancy to post-pregnancy in style.

When you're just beginning to show, slip the Bella Band over your pants, skirts and jeans to hold your clothing snug to your body as you begin to unbutton or unzip at the waist to make room for your expanding belly. When you start wearing maternity clothing or comfy sweats, the Bella Band will hold your jeans and pants in place to keep them from slipping when you're on the move or bending over. They're form-fitting, but not restricting, which is best for the baby. Fold them over to fit, or unfold and reposition as your belly grows. You're going to love the comfortable support. Post-pregnancy, you'll find the Bella Band indispensable as a way to transition with your maternity clothes to a shrinking stomach.

Show off your fashionable lacy Bella Band below your shirt and above your jeans or skirt. It's a trendy look that you've already seen in fashion magazines. Each everyday and lacy Bella Band has an inch and a-half fold-over top for a perfect fit and half-inch bottom seam for added durability and hold. Also shop our terrific collection of Ingrid & Isabella brand cami tops, leggings and skirts. The long Everywhere Flair maternity skirt by Ingrid & Isabella is a best buy for any season. The belly panel lets you wear the waistband over the belly or at the hips for a great look at work or out on the town. We're the experts in affordable boutique apparel for moms-to-be and post-pregnancy women. We win five-star ratings for superior customer service, too.

New stay-put silicone strip offers more hold
New longer length offers extra coverage

HOW DO I WEAR THE BELLA BAND? The Bella Band basically has four stages to it. The first stage is for the new mom who just found out she is pregnant or is just starting to show. This is when you use the Bella Band for your current pants, skirts, or denim jeans. All you need to do is unbutton the top button and you can even unzip them a little for even extra comfort. As long as you dont feel any uncomfortable tightness in your hips or in your bottom, you should be able to continue to wear your current clothing. At this juncture you just slip the Bella Band on and then adjust it to where it feels the most secure. Many women often will fold the band over their button and zippers to help hid the fact they are unfastened! If you prefer to wear a maternity jean or pant, you can still use the Bella Band at this stage if the clothing tends to fall to far down the hips by itself.

The second stage is basically the stage when you are obviously showing well and the baby bump is now very noticeable. Some women are still able to wear their regular clothing, but most are starting to gain more weight in the legs and hips and now require a pair of maternity jeans, pants, or skirt. Some even wear the Bella Band with sweats or pants that have a drawstring on the waist. These types of pants tend to have more room and are great for casual wear yet when the new bum arrives, they need the Bella Band to help hold them in place. Again, you have the choice of folder the Bella Band over for extra comfort and reinforcement. You will know immediately once you have it on, if folding it over would be a good option.

The third stage is in the later half of the final trimester where you are just trying to get through the final grueling weeks. At this stage just find some maternity jeans or pants that just feel comfortable. As long as they feel comfortable in the bottom, hips, and upper leg, put them on and just slip the Bella Band right over it. Many moms even take the Bella Band to the hospital with them.

The final stage is post pregnancy. After you precious angel is born, its now time to slowly let that belly recover. Like the final trimester, just find some clothes that will fit you. Many maternity items will still fit and you can just wear the Bella Band with them. Its that simple! Just continue to wear the Bella Band until you can fir comfortable in your pre-pregnancy clothing.

COLORS OF BELLA BANDS Both the Everyday and Lace style Bella Bands come in your choice of:
  • White
  • Black
  • Nude
  • Midnight Navy
  • Coffee

Fabric is 84% Nylon / 16% Spandex

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