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Hooter Hiders

Hooter Hiders by Bébé au Lait brings fashion and function together to meet the needs of modern, active nursing moms. The exceptionally beautiful prints created exclusively for the Hooter Hiders line draws inspiration from features, forms, and colors both local and global. The collection is characterized by distinct, bold designs to deliver a fun and hip dose of modernity and versatility.

Hooter Hiders would not be here today if not for the early, loyal fan following who called and wrote, “It will always be Hooter Hiders to us!” when the name was initially changed to Bébé au Lait in 2006. One customer called just to make sure the Hooter Hiders logo would still be available when she had her baby -- which she was yet to conceive! For this reason, the beloved name was kept and today our fashion-forward nursing covers sell under two brand name